Finding your way

Another great tool that has made my job easier to do is a satellite GPS navigation system. I personally use the Tom-Tom navigator for, you guessed it, Palm Treo. I am sure any of the other GPS systems will work well to. All you have to do is enter in an address and no more U-turns and pulling over to look at the Thomson's Guide again. A GPS saves you time and gas money and with gas averaging over $3.00 a gallon, the saving can really add up.

Most medical device and pharmaceutical sales organizations will not provide a GPS or a company car with built in GPS, so you will have to purchase one yourself. It is well worth it and one of the best investments you will make. The added benefit for me has been the reduction in stress. Being able to find offices faster has increased my call average and let's face it, sales is a game of averages.

I use the Tom-Tom for Palm version for a few different reasons:

  • It installs directly on my Palm Treo, so this eliminates the need to carry a separate device
  • If I am calling on offices in a large metropolis and I can use the the Tom-Tom while I am walking.
  • Tom-Tom is able to start navigating directly from my contacts list, so I don't even have to type in the destination. I just point and click and Tom-Tom takes me to my next destination.
  • I can program in way points and optimize the route.
This is a great tool and once you have used it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

For more information on the Tom-Tom click the link below:

TomTom Navigator 6 USA

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