The most important sales tool of all

Finally, we come to the most important tool that a medical device or pharmaceutical representative will have. And it's the vehicle. Most if not all major pharmaceutical companies will provide you with a company car, which you are required to use. It will most likely be your average fleet or rental car. Many medical device companies will simply offer you an auto allowance and mileage for the use of your own vehicle. The latter option is the one I prefer for several reasons, but the main one being that I am able to choose whatever type of vehicle I prefer.

The choice of vehicle is important because it is where you start and end every face-to-face call. It is important that I walk into the meeting feeling relaxed and focused. I personally drive a European sports coupe with all the extras. I spend a large part of my day in my car so I picked out the car that I was must happy with and it turns out that I am most happy in a two seater sports car with a standard transmission. Would I recommend this car to every medical device representative? No, with only two seats, I have no room to carry anyone else because they would have to sit on my desk. Also having to juggle holding my coffee cup, speak on the cell phone and handle gear changes is not always fun. But on those long drive through the mountains, I can really let loose and when I reach my destination, I'll have a big grin on my face.

I have been fortunate in my career and I am able to afford another vehicle. I made sure this one is much more practical, so I purchased an SUV. As a medical device representative you will entertain a great deal, so if I know that I'll be hosting lunch (either by catering to the office, or chauffeuring them to the restaurant) then I 'll drive the SUV for the extra space. Otherwise it's the two seater for better gas mileage.

No matter what vehicle your drive, do yourself a favor and purchase a car desk. There a couple of varieties out there, so just find one that will fit your budget. The car desk will give you a sturdy place to enter you call notes, instead of having to juggle your laptop on the steering wheel. And with all your office supplies and files stored in one place, you can easily remove the whole desk off the seat and into your trunk and you won't have the rep car look for happy hour.

I hope this week has been fun and informative for all of you. It certainly was a blast for me. Go make it a wonderful weekend.

For more information on the Car Desk click the link below:

Auto Exec Mobile Office Work Station

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