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Today's medical device representative's gadget is a real life saver. Before I purchased NeatReceipts, I dreaded the end of month expense report hassle. Many medical device and pharmaceutical representatives that I know are frequently several weeks, if not several months behind in submitting their expense reports. This is usually no big deal, but if your employer takes two weeks to reimburse you, then you are floating a free loan to the company. Which could lead to high interest rates on your credit card or overdraft fees from your bank. So needless to say it is important to submit your expense reports on time.

NeatReceipts comes with a small scanner that will fit in most briefcases, so I take the scanner everywhere with me. Once you scan your receipt into the program, NeatReceipts will pull the date, dollar amount, expense type and name of the account into the program. The OCR is fairly accurate and out of 10 receipts, I may only have to correct one. If your employer uses an Excel spreadsheet for its expense reports then your can export directly from NeatReceipts into Excel, so completing your expense report is only a click away. Otherwise, it is just a matter of cutting and pasting into your expense program.

Additionally, the NeatReceipts program is also able to scan business cards. This eliminates the need to have a separate business card scanner. The program also allows you to export the data field (name, address, phone, fax, email, etc.) into a variety of programs, but most importantly you can export the cards into Outlook. Which you can then sync into your Palm Treo.

So bottom line, use NeatRecepits to save yourself time and money by submitting your expense reports on time. I have also heard that medical device and pharmaceutical representatives who are habitually late in submitting their expense reports are sometimes passed up for promotions. The reason behind this is that a representative who demonstrates a poor history of administrative responsibilities may also develop a future of poor managerial responsibility. So this another reason to submit your expense reports on time.

Good luck (and it's May 2nd, your expense report is already a day late!)

For more information on NeatReceipts click on the link below:

NeatReceipts Scanalizer Professional 2.5 Mobile Scanner

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