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Hello World. Well, I didn't start out wanting to create a blog. I thought blogging was what my teenage nieces and nephews did when they didn't want to study for their finals. What I was really looking for was an equivalent to www.pharmrep.com for medical device representatives. I have represented both pharmaceutical and medical device companies and realized that the skills needed to sell pharmaceuticals is very different than selling medical devices. In the simplist sense a pharma rep is a detailer. At the end of the call there is no purchase order and no tangible way of knowing that a job was well done. In medical, we are always looking to close the deal.

Additionally, traditional sales books don't seem to have enough relevance for the medical world. The tips these books offer don't always apply to a more sophisticated client. I would argue that medical technicians, hospital administrators and doctors are some of the most intelligent people you will ever sell to. These individuals don't want to buy from a used car salesperson. And to my knowledge no one has written about how to adjust the sales approach for this demographic.

So after searching for a medical device association and coming up empty, I decided to start this blog and share my experiences. Hopefully you will find it beneficial in your professional lives. In addition I hope that you will contribute and share your knowledge from the field to help me grow as well.

Safe travels.

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