How I got started

So I thought I would share a bit of my background. I was recruited right out of Business School by one of the Top 5 pharmaceutical companies to work as a neuroscience specialist. I later learned that this was a very rare move by the company, because most reps are hired into a Primary Care Position and are later promoted into a specialty position. I trained at home for a couple of weeks before heading to corporate headquarters for a month-long sales training course.

In my first year I was able to bring my territory from the bottom 25% into the top 25%. My territory was also consistently at the top of the district. After my second year, I meet a district manager from another Top 5 pharmaceutical company while shopping for a new suit. He mentioned that they were interviewing the following week and asked if I would be available. I was and two weeks later, I had an offer to become a cardiology specialist.

Have a wonderful weekend. On Monday I will try to elaborate on my training at the first pharmaceutical company.

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