Market on the way up

After receiving the fifth call by a recruiter since Thursday afternoon, I think it is safe to say that the market for medical device representatives is hot again. After the first of the year, I heard from several recruiters that I have worked with and fellow medical device representatives that the job market was very soft. I also noticed the slow down because I would normally receive a minimum of three to four calls a month from recruiters looking for an experienced medical device representative or specialty pharmaceutical representative, but the phones were quite until a couple of weeks ago.

For those that are looking to get into the industry, there is some good news. All of the calls that I received were looking for representatives that want to transition into medical device sales. All of the openings were for expansion territories, which means that business is good for the manufactures of medical devices and they are expanding their business by shrinking territories and adding representatives. My past experience has been that with expansion territories they are looking for sales representatives that have prior territory management skills, but not necessarily a background in medical devices sales. And so far this has been the case. In two of the openings, the hired medical device representative would be paired with an experienced representative for the first year and the following year you will be on your own.

So in light of these circumstances, I am going to shift gears a bit and start blogging about how to get into the medical device industry. Tomorrow, I'll talk about how to find the opportunities and then I'll share some insight on the interview process.

Good Hunting.

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