Discovering Unpublished Opportunities

My apologies for the delay in posting. My computer crashed and it has taken me almost a week to put together another computer and re-install everything. So goes the life of a traveling medical device representative.

I received an additional four calls this week from recruiters looking for medical device representatives, so the market is definitely hot again. I'm not sure how I landed on the list of prospective medical device representatives; however, I hear from many of my colleagues that they too seem to be on some list and are constantly fielding calls from recruiters.

On today's post I wanted to share some ways of discovering openings. The easy way is to wait for recruiters to call you with an existing opportunity, but you are also competing with other device representatives. I would start with people that you already know, such as friends and family and ask if they know any pharmaceutical or medical device representatives. Existing representatives hear about opening all the time, either in their own companies or with competing firms. They all receive tons of calls from recruiters and they may pass on a good opportunity for you or refer you to a good recruiter. Representatives are usually more than happy to refer you to an opening because in many cases they receive monetary compensation if you are eventually hired.

Also think about asking your doctor or your child's doctor. Heck ask any doctor. In one day they may see over 20 pharmaceutical or medical device representatives. Ask if they might be able to introduce you to a representative. Know anyone who works as a hospital technician or medical biller? They should be able to introduce you to someone who works in the industry.

Other sources include the obvious job sites, but check out following:

These jobs sites are targeted toward professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. If you know of other sites please post them in the comments section.

Next time I will talk a little bit about how to present yourself as a prospective medical device representative if you have little or no experience in the medical device industry.

All the best.