The Mock Detail

You may be asked to prepare a mock detail for your second round of interviews. This is more common during a Pharmaceutical Sales interview than for a sales position as a Medical Device Representative. If you perform well if your first interview (and you should, since you read this blog), the hiring manager will usually send you a copy of the detail piece, which is basically a glossy marketing piece with a list of features and benefits and supporting facts on efficacy and side effects or improvements in quality of life.

Study this piece and be able to recall any of the information in the detail piece without having to look at it. Most interviewers will tell you that you do not need to memorize the detail piece, but I recommend that you do it because it will show your dedication and your detail will flow much more smoothly. Usually the detail piece will be several pages long, so I suggest that you ask confirmation questions at natural breaks, like before you turn the page or after a very important point. Be sure to ask an engaging, open-ended question, not a yes or no question. For instance ask the doctor, "Can you tell me about a time when you had a patient that presented with the same symptoms, how did you treat the patient and what was the outcome?"

At the end of the mock detail, be sure to close the doctor. If you have asked for confirmation along the way, then you can ask for the business in this way. "Doctor, you have agreed that when a patient presents with the following symptoms Product X is the most efficacious with the fewest side effects. Is there anything else that would prevent you from prescribing Product X first line for your future patients?"

I know this sounds a bit like used-car salesperson, but it is important be aggressive when you are role-playing. In real life, you use whatever works and I'll elaborate more on real-life situations later.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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